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Cryptocurrency Trading

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Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are powered on the blockchain, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum Network. Cryptocurrency trading is one of the main sources of getting profit from cryptocurrency. This type of online trading is almost the same as stocks, currencies, or commodities trading.

The main task is to buy when the price is low and to sell when it is higher (or vice versa, when you open the short position). 

Cryto Trading Terms?


#ALTCOIN = Any crypto currency other than bitcoin.

#ASHDRAKED = A situation where you lost all your money.

#BAGHOLDER = A person who buys and hold coins in large quantity hoping to make good profits in the future.

#BEAR/BEARISH = Negative price movement

#BTFD = Buy The Fucking Dip (an indication to buy a coin when it has dumped so hard)

#BULL/#BULLISH = Positive price movement

#DILDO = Long green or red candles

#DUMP = To Sell off a coin

#DUMPING = Downward price movement

#DYOR = Do Your Own Research.

#FA = Fundamental Analysis.

#FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out (A coin is pumping and you get the feeling it's gonna pump more, so you buy high).

#FUD = Fear Uncertainty & Doubt.

#HODL = Hold/Hold a position.

#JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out.

#LONG = Margin bull position.

#MCAP = Market Capitalization.

#MOON = Continuous upward of price.

#OTC = Over The Counter.

#PUMP = Upward price movement.

#SAJ #CANDLE = Huge green candle.

#SHITCOIN = A coin with no potential value or use.

#SHORT = Margin bear position.

#SWING = Zig zag price movement (Upwards and downwards).

#TA = Technical Analysis.

#REKT = When you have a bad loss.

#REVERSE INDICATOR = Someone who is always wrong predicting price movements.

#RSI = Relative Strength Index.

#WHALE = Very Wealthy trader/Market mover
GO Godsgrace post this on 02 July 2021, 00:58 AM
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Crytocurrency trading?

This is just an information about crytocurrency trading.
When it comes to crypto trading, there are several steps you can take to reduce your exposure to the most extreme price volatility in the financial markets.

In general, risk management is distributing a good number of different cryptocurrencies within your portfolio. It is a great measure to limit your exposure to price fluctuations within the market.

A combination of technical and fundamental analysis can determine the asset while ensuring more significant chances of success in a specific investment while minimizing risk.
Creating a successful risk management plan is critical to minimizing unexpected negative consequences that lower your total losses.

How to calculate the proper Position Size (in instrument ratio)?

An example of calculating Risk for a trade with a deposit of $10,000.

1. Risk 1%. $10,000*1%=$100. If you are ready to Risk more – replace 1% with your comfortable Risk.

2. If the position that you will enter BTC at is $10145, the Stop Loss is placed at $9000, 11,28% lower than the Entry point. If Stop Loss will be triggered, your loss will be $1145. Don’t confuse Risk and distance from Entry to Stop.

3. Calculating the position size/order size for 1% Risk.

$100/1145 = 0.08734 (in BTC)

3.1. For a trade you will use 0.08734*$10145 (Entry point) = $886.06 (In Dollars)

4. Ready-check for Stop Loss:

0.08734*9000=786.06. Entered for $886.06, got back 786.06. In the end 886.06-786.06=$100 (1% risk from $10,000).

By reducing the Stop Loss (in fact, reducing the distance between Stop Loss and Entry) position size is increasing.

We recommend you use an excel formula to decrease the time of calculating and make it possible to calculate both Long and Short positions.
GO Godsgrace post this on 01 July 2021, 18:27 PM
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